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Screenplays by Israel Horovitz


Co-written with Istvan Szabo, starring Ralph Fiennes and Rosemary Harris,Sunshine follows an Hungarian-Jewish family through the entire 20th-Century. (European Academy Award – Best Screenplay; Writers Guild of Canada – Best Screenplay).

3 Weeks After Paradise

Horovitz wrote, directed and starred in the film, which chronicles Horovitz’s reflections on September 11, 2001, when his young son Oliver was a student at Stuyvesant High School, just across the road from the Twin Towers. For 3 hours, Horovitz and his wife couldn’t know whether their son was alive or dead. (Best Documentary – Back East Picture Show).

James Dean

Based upon the life of the actor, who was Horovitz’s teenage hero. Directed by Mark Rydell, introduces a then-unknown actor, James Franco, in the title role (nominated for EMMY and Golden Globe).

Author! Author!

Stars Al Pacino in a largely autobiographical account of a playwright dealing with the stress of having his play produced on Broadway while trying to raise a large family.

The Strawberry Statement

Adapted by Horovitz from a journalistic memoir by James Simon Kunen dealing with the student strikes at Columbia University in 1968. (Prix du Jury, Festival de Cannes).

My Old Lady

Based on his play of the same name, was adapted and directed by Horovitz, starring Maggie Smith, Kevin Kline and Kristin Scott Thomas.

Believe In Me

A brilliant young doctor falls victim to drug abuse. M-G-M film starred Michael Sarazan and Jacqueline Bisset, based upon Gael Sheehy’s New York Magazine article “Speed Is Of The Essence”.


Award-winning short  film based upon Horovitz’s stage play. Racial profiling at an airport turns tragic. Stars Samuel Ray Gates and Chris Messina.

And I Think Of You

Short form comic screenplay. Love and betrayal at the edge of the cliffs above the Hudson River.


A Mafia boss has a serious  cat allergy and his girlfriend has a cat. The boss tells a wiseguy underling to “take the cat for a ride”. The wiseguy is a cat-lover, refuses to kill the cat … instead sets the cat up in a small condo in New Jersey. Co-written by Horovitz and Richard Vetere.

The Boys

Long-form screenplay based upon Sir Martin Gilbert’s chronicle of boys who were found in concentration camps clinging to the dead parents. 300 such boys were brought to England’s Lake District for rehabilitation.

Payofski’s Discovery

Long form screenplay. Life and loves of a performance artist whose specialty is playing lobsters.

Light Years

Long form adaptation of  James Salter’s classic novel of an American marriage.

The Making And Breaking Of Splinters Braun

Four-part mini-series following a professional basketball player from high school to retirement and beyond. Basis for Horovitz’s stage-play The Former One-On-One Basketball Champion.

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