Friday, March 8, 2013.

French poster for The Indian Wants the Bronx

So, here’s what’s happenin”… If you’ll be in Paris in April, I’ll have three plays running … Le Premier (Line) being revived at Theatre de Poche-Montparnasse where it ran on and off over a period of eleven years in the 1970s and 1980s. It’s being performed by Cie des Aléas, a brilliant young troupe directed by Léa Marie-St. Germain. I’ve been working with this company for the past several years. They’ve been performing a group of my short plays in a show called Horovitz (mis en piéces), which translates as Horovitz (Broken in pieces/plays). They won the critics prize at festival d’Avignon with thi show, last summer. They’re great. … l’Indien cherche le Bronx at Theatre Darius Milhaud… and Le Baiser de la Veuve (The Widow’s Blind Date) at Theatre Akteon with Tony LeGuern’s company. Tony and I have been working together for the past 100 years or so… I’ve seen both shows and they’re really good… On March 18th, The Indian Wants the Bronx will open LAByrinthe’s Theatre Company NY/NY Festival of plays set in NYC. Line is still playing at 13th Street Theatre (on, yuh, 13th Street), where it’s been playing continuously for 39 years… which is a tribute to how small the theatre is! On March 14th, Oliver Horovitz’s An American Caddie in St. Andrews hits better bookstores everywhere. Ollie will be doing a reading at Barnes and Noble on West 82nd Street (2289 Bway) at 7pm on the 18th. And, oh, yuh, if you’re in Lecce, Italy, on the 18th, Compagnia Horovitz-Paciotto will be ending its tour with 3 Famiglie, directed by my Italian partner-in-crime, Andrea Paciotto. I’m beyond proud of this company… Andrea is an enormously talented director. His visual sense in unparalleled. Where’s Lecce? It’s in the heel of the boot… I’ve got to stop now… It’s feels like writing but it really isn’t. So, that’s my bragging/blogging for today. Don’t smoke.

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