Plays by Israel Horovitz

Israel Horovitz is the author of more than 80 stage-plays, many of which have been translated and performed in as many as 30 languages, worldwide. His best-known titles include Line (which enjoyed 50 years of continuous performance at NYC’s 13th Street Repertory Theatre), Park Your Car in Harvard YardThe Primary English ClassThe Widow’s Blind DateWhat Strong Fences Make, It’s Called the Sugar Plum, Lebensraum, Sins of the Mother, My Old Lady and The Indian Wants the Bronx. Horovitz plays have featured some of the world’s best-known actors, including Jill Clayburgh, Marsha Mason, Diane Keaton, Jane Birkin, Judith Ivey, Jason Robards, Gérard Depardieu, Daniel Auteuil, Pierre Dux, Pierre Vaneck, Laurent Terzieff, Maggie Smith, Kristin Scott-Thomas, Kevin Kline, John Cazale and Al Pacino, among others.

Recent Plays

Cherries In Silk (1W, 2M) 30 min. Drama

Adapted from Tennessee Williams’ short story Tent Worms. A story of love and betrayal.

Virtual Alex (1W, 1M) 20 min. Drama

A father attempts to continue his dead son’s online romance.

ROMEO (1W, 6M) 90 min. Comedy

Retired Old Men Eating Out. Six aging widowers lunch together every Tuesday.

Gloucester Blue (1W 3M) 2 hrs. Comedy

Stumpy and Latham are small-town, working-class housepainters. Husband-and-wife Bummy and Lexi are their upscale clients. Gloucester Blue may be the color on the walls, but blood red and blackmail emerge as the dominant palette in this award-winning dark comedy of seduction, betrayal, and deceit. Strong language and some adult situations.

The Secret of Mme Bonnard’s Bath (1W 2M) 2 hrs. Drama

The life and loves of the painter Pierre Bonnard, set in Paris in the time of the Nabis. Three actors play two dozen roles.

Mysteries of Love and Art abound in ‘The Secret of Mme. Bonnard’s Bath’… A fascinating journey…

Boston Globe

An intriguing picture of the artistic mind. Horovitz has created something magical in ‘The Secret of Mme. Bonnard’s Bath’.

Boston Herald
Compromise (2W 2M) 2 hrs. Drama

A scientist in on the verge of discovering a cure for neuropathy. Will he give his findings to the world via the internet, or will he cause a bidding war with pharmaceutical houses? At the same time he wrestles with a decision, his housekeeper has bought lottery tickets for herself and her friends. She cannot remember which ticket is hers. One of the tickets hits the jackpot. Issues of love, integrity, promises … and compromise.

Speaking Well of the Dead (2W 1M) 60 min. Drama

Set in NYC in September 2001. A man tells his college-aged daughter he is leaving her mother. He then tells his wife he’s leaving her. He promises his wife that he’s said nothing to their daughter. The following day, 9/11, he dies in the collapse of the Twin Towers. Wife and daughter try to protect each other from the truth. (SF)

50 Years of Caddieing (1W 2M) 90 min. Drama

Set in the world of professional golf, a woman is allowed to compete in an all-male tournament. Narrated by Old Tom Morris, the play deals with the history of gender in golf.

Captains and Courage (flexible casting) 2 hrs. Drama

“Israel Horovitz’s adaptation of Kipling’s “Captains Courageous” revives a classic sea adventure and sets it against a parallel, modern Gloucester tale. Cutting back and forth over 100 years, the resulting drama is at once historical and timely, including problems of racism and homelessness, and virtues of courage and hope. Timely and touching … highly recommended.” — LeGendre, North Shore Magazine, reviewing “Captains and Courage” at Gloucester, Stage,  September, 1996. (DPS)

The P Word (2W 3M) 90 min. Drama

A so-called pregnancy pact hits Gloucester, Massachusetts, and other small American towns. Evvie, 17 years old, opens the play. “It pretty much started a year or so ago in Gloucester, Massachusetts, a fishing port, maybe twenty miles from here. Nineteen high school girls were pregnant at the same time. That would not have necessarily been, like, tremendous news, because even more girls were pregnant at the same time in high schools in towns around Gloucester. But, some of the Gloucester girls had made a pact to get pregnant, and this pact-fact got into an article in Time Magazine, then got picked up by newspapers and magazines and TV stations all around the world. All hell broke loose after that.”
Suitable for young adult audiences. (DPS)

Mah-Jongg (5W, 2M) 2hrs. Comedy

Four older women who have played Mah-Jongg together for decades decide to live together.

Breaking Philip Glass (1W, 3M) 30 min. Drama

A man tries to stop a gallery’s exhibition of decades-old photographs in which his mother was nude model. Gallery is currently showing cartoons of Charlie Hebdo covers in which Mohammed is depicted in compromising manner. Two young Muslims intervene. (SF)

The Day Before Yesterday (3W, 4M) 2 hrs. Drama

Love in the time of terror. The play follows three couples during 72 hours, before and after a rock concert in Paris. The final play in Horovitz’s Paris Trilogy, which also includes his internationally-acclaimed MY OLD LADY, and the off-Broadway comedy-hit OUT OF THE MOUTHS OF BABES.

Man in Snow ( 2W 3M) 90 minutes. Drama.

Man in Snow Review

David, a recently-retired NYC businessman, returns to Mt. Denali, a mountain he climbed as a 25-year-old. This time, his job is to guide Japanese honeymooners up the mountain. Still mourning his dead son, the play is told in flashbacks from David’s memory until the play’s final minutes, when real-time interrupts. (SF)

Sins of the Mother (4M) 2hrs. Comic-drama

A young man returns to his small-town New England birthplace to avenge the murder of his twin brother. Same actor plays both twins.

Sins of the Mother poster
Out of the Mouths of Babes (4W) 2 hrs. Comedy

Four women arrive in Paris for the funeral of a 100-year-old man who was, variously, lover and/or husband to each women. The second play in Horovitz’s Paris Trilogy which also includes his internationally-acclaimed MY OLD LADY, and the drama THE DAY BEFORE YESTERDAY. Rex Reed, writing about OUT OF THE MOUTHS OF BABES in The New York Observer, observed “You won’t go away depressed or troubled about the world we live in, but you will be sweetly and happily entertained.”

Just the Way You Are (3W, 3M) 20 min. Comedy

Four adult children do an intervention with their mother after discovering that she is doing internet dating. (SF)

Flattery (2W, 3M) 90 min. Comic-drama

Journalism in the age of #MeToo. A young woman interviews an aging writer who asks her to hold his hand.

Security (1W, 3M) 45 min. Drama

Racial profiling at airport turns tragic. Was made into award- winning short film.

The Hotel Play (Room Service) (1W, 1M) 20 min. Comedy

Part of Horovitz’s “6 Hotels” evening. Young woman is jilted by boyfriend in hotel, finds romance with bellhop. (SF)

The Marriage Play (Bridal Dance) (3W, 3M) 10 min. Comedy (SF)

Part of Horovitz’s “6 Hotels” evening. Bridal dance takes a bad turn when groom tells audience “I’ve just made the biggest fucking mistake of my life.”

2nd Violin (2W, 2M) 20 min. Comedy

Part of Horovitz’s “6 Hotels” evening. Young woman who is 2nd violinist gets a chance to play 1st violin. Is being #1 in her DNA or not? (SF)

The Audition Play (1W, 1M) 10 min. Comedy

Part of Horovitz’s “6 Hotels” evening. Young mother auditions for non-speaking tap-dance role. (SF)

The Fat Guy Gets The Girl (1W, 1M) 10 min. Comedy

Part of Horovitz’s “6 Hotels” evening. The title tells all. (SF)

Fiddleheads and Lovers (2W, 2M) 15 min. Comedy

Part of Horovitz’s “6 Hotels” evening. Man and woman have dinner together. Woman’s husband is cheating on her with man’s wife. (SF)

Beirut Rocks (2W, 2M) 20 min. Drama

Part of Horovitz’s “6 Hotels” evening. American college students trapped in hotel room during bombing of Beirut. (SF)

Speaking Of Tushy (2W, 2M) 20 min. Comedy

Part of Horovitz’s “6 Hotels” evening. Romance in the #MeToo era. (SF)

Affection in Time (1W) 5 min.

Can be used as introduction to “6 Hotels” or any evening of Horovitz’s short plays. (SF)

Two Toscas (2W, 1M) 10 min. Comedy

Understudy gets a chance to go on as Tosca. Lead singer shows up to try to stop understudy.

3 Weeks After Paradise (1M) 60 min. Drama

Man recalls 9/11 attacks. Autobiographical play based on Horovitz’s experiences living in downtown Manhattan during attacks. Award-winning film was based on stage-play. (SF)

10 Years After Paradise (1M) 45 min. Drama

Sequel to 3 Weeks After Paradise, the world ten years after 9/11. Usually joined on stage with 3 Weeks After Paradise for full evening.

Cat Lady (1W) 20 min. Comic-drama

Woman searches for her missing cat. (SF)

Inconsolable (2W, 1M) 20 min. Drama

Child tells events of her mother’s suicide and what came before. (SF)

The Race Play (4W 4M) 15 min. Comedy

A road race on stage. Needs a talented director. (SF)

A Mother’s Love (4W, 2M) Drama

A mother prepares her son to be a suicide bomber. Other mothers surround the stage and comment. (SF)

Phone Tag (3W, 3M) (Creative casting possible) 60 min. Comedy (SF)

Man flies to England to propose marriage to his girlfriend. At same time, woman flies to New York to surprise man. Various instances of missed signals create hilarious comedy. Originally written by Horovitz as play for BBC-Radio4.

The Chips Are Down (3W, 3M) 30 min. Comedy

Man is being blackmailed by his lover’s husband and same time his best friend is suicidal because his wife is unfaithful. Originally written by Horovitz as play for BBC-Radio4.

Free Gift (2W) 60 min. Drama

Young black woman meets older white woman on whose doorstep she left her newborn baby ten years earlier. (SF)

Acrobats (1W, 1M) 20 min. Drama

The final performance of a husband and wife acrobatic team. (SF)

Hell, No! We Won’t Go! (2W, 2M) 10 min. Comic sketch

Trump has just won the election. Michele and Barack Obama refuse to vacate the White House.

Play For Germs (2M) 10 min. Drama

Originally written and directed by Horovitz for Public Television’s EMMY-winning “VD Blues”. Syphilis and Gonorrhea fight for control of a human body. (DPS)

Shooting Gallery (1W, 1M 1Bear) 20 min. Drama

Mid-Winter. Husband refuses to leave carnival shooting-gallery until he wins a goldfish. Wife and electronic Bear develop a relationship that ends tragically. (DPS)

Leader (1W, 2M) 12 min. Comic sketch.

Two people discover that the President of theUnited States is a robot. (DPS)

The Honest-To-God Schnozzola (2W, 3M) 60 min. Drama.

With songs by Horovitz and John Hall (Orleans). This OBIE-winning play is set in a German cabaret. Two American businessman-tourists try to pick up a transvestite they believe is a women. Starred Hervè Villechaize.

Man With Bags (3W, 4M) 2-1/2 hrs. Drama

Horovitz’s adaptation of Èugene Ionesco’s l’Homme aux Valises. Published in USA by Grove Press.

The Bump (1W, 1M.)

Young man and young woman meet in passport office. They are both about to marry other people. Their potential romance is aborted when they bump heads.

The Vote In Orange (4W 4M) 30 min. Comic-drama.

Set in the south of France on the eve of French National Elections. Far right Front National scores victory. Family gathers for a meal together. Nobody gets along.

Ten Minutes Older (1M) 10 min. Drama

Ten-minute extraction from 3 Weeks After Paradise.

The New Girl (1W 3M)

A young Muslin girl attempts to wear a headscarf to her first day of school in a small-town America.

Nobody Loves Me (1M) 40 min. Comic-drama

Originally published in French as a novella (Personnene m’aime by Les Èditions du Minuit.) Adapted for the stage by Horovitz. A man searches for his lost dog.

Spared (1M) Comic-drama

One hour. A man tells of his sixty attempts to commit suicide. Something (almost) always went wrong. Starred Lenny Baker in its NYC premier. (DPS)

Virtual Alex (1W, 1M) Drama

A father attempts to continue his dead son’s online romance.

Finally… (2W, 2M) 10 min. Drama

Four young people recall the final minutes of their lives.

What Strong Fences Make (2M) 15 min. Drama.

An Israeli man attempts to enter the Arab sector to avenge the death of his children. (SF)

Pokèmon Play (2W 2M) 10 min. Comic sketch

Trump interacts with Pokèmon characters.

St. Anne’s Soup (3W 2M) 20 min. Drama

Set in a soup kitchen in NYC, rich and poor collide.

1986 -1999

Year of the Duck (3M 3W) 2 hrs. Comedy

A comedy dramatizing the Budd family’s adventures during a community-theatre production of Ibsen’s “The Wild Duck”. The Budds seem to be trapped in the plot of the Ibsen classic. A solid success off-Broadway in NYC, and more recently in France. (DPS)

Faith (3M 2W) 45 min.

Written for the Horovitz-McNally-Melfi 1988 reunion triptych, “Hope, Faith and Charity”. “Faith” dramatizes a Central Park reunion of people who were students together in the 1960’s, and a former teacher. (DPS)

North Shore Fish (2M 8W) 2 hrs. Drama

The first play in Horovitz’s enormous Gloucester cycle, this comic drama focuses on eight women who work in a fish-packing plant together, as did their mothers and grandmothers, on the day they are told that the plant will close and become a health club/fitness center. Nominated for the NY Drama Desk Award. Filmed for TV starring Mercedes Reuhl and Tony Danza. (DPS)

The Widow’s Blind Date (2M 1W) 2 hrs. Drama

A highly-educated woman who was victimized by a gang of boys during high school, returns to her hometown, ten years later, and confronts two of the boys-to-men. One of Horovitz’s most-often produced plays in Europe. Funny, frightening, unforgettable. (DPS)

Park Your Car in Harvard Yard (1M, 1W) 2 hrs. Drama

A resounding Broadway success starring Jason Robards and Judith Ivey, this funny, sad, touching, intelligent play tells the story of the meanest, toughest high school teacher ever, and a former student he flunked, twenty years prior. A solid success, world-wide. (SF)

Henry Lumper (15M, 5W) 2 hrs. Drama

This retelling of Shakespeare’s “Henry IV – Parts One and Two” is set on the docks in Gloucester, Massachusetts, and chronicles a war for control of the waterfront. A tough-talking, action-adventure. (DPS)

Strong Man’s Weak Child (3M) 2 hrs. Drama

Set in a garage gym, a small-town body-builder fights to save the life of his dying child. A searing drama of muscular men dealing with issues of the heart. A beautiful play.

Unexpected Tenderness (4M, 3W) 2 hrs. Drama

Archie leaves for work, every day, and, within minutes, sneaks back to the windows of his house to spy on his wife and daughter. A frightening, yet comic drama of sexual jealousy and a family’s complicity … as seen through the eyes of a wise and worried child. (SF)

Unexpected Tenderness poster
Fighting Over Beverley (2M, 1W) 2 hrs. Comic-drama

On the day World War II ends, Beverley, a young Englishwoman, jilts her British beau and runs off with an American flyer. Now, all three are 70+ years old. The Brit appears at Beverley’s Gloucester, Mass. home, proclaiming “He’s had you for 45 years! Enough’s enough! I’m taking you back with me!” In the end, she leaves: alone. 2 hrs. Published by Smith and Kraus.

Barking Sharks (4M, 4W) 2 hrs. Drama

A large, compelling story of a Gloucester-born man who quits as head of a successful NYC ad agency, to return home to Gloucester to become a fisherman. Action-packed, heroic, romantic. (SF)

Captains and Courage (12M, 2W) 2 hrs. Drama

This stirring, highly theatrical adaptation of Kipling’s novel Captains Courageous alternates between the 19th century, when fishing was romantic and profitable, and the 20th century, when the fishing industry has disappeared. Epic and exciting. (DPS)

Free Gift (2W) 45 mins. Drama

A one-act play, telling the story of an older white woman, who is mother of an adopted child, and the young black woman who left the child on the older woman’s doorstep, several years earlier. Gentle and daring. (SF)

Lebensraum (2M 1W) 90 min. Drama

Set in Germany, this stunning drama follows an American family emigrating to Germany just before the year 2000. Three actors on a barren stage play approximately 50 different roles. A resounding success off-Broadway and in several European productions. (SF)

My Old Lady (1M 2W) 90 mins. Drama

Set in France, this beguiling drama tells of a down-on-his-luck American businessman who inherits an apartment in Paris. He goes to France to liquidate his inheritance and discovers that he not only owns the apartment, he also owns the 90+-year-old woman who lives in it. (SF)

One Under (3M 1W) 95 mins. Comic-drama

Set on a golf course in the Bronx, this comic-drama focuses on three men who have played golf together since grade school. One is a multi-millionaire, who controls their lives until he loses his money, and plays the golf game of his life. Published by Smith and Kraus.

Stations of the Cross (variable casting: 2M 2-4W) 60 mins. Drama

A lyrical and poetic drama of a man’s who sister has died. The brother – a poet – scatters her ashes along the route of a train journey they shared as children, commuting between their divorced parents. (SF)

Fast Hands (3M) 60 mins. Comic-drama

A comic drama set in a boxing gym and various fight-arenas, focusing on the relationship between a young black prizefighter and an older white ex-prizefighter, who the young man seeks out and finds … and who proves to be his biological father.

Fast Hands Poster

1975 -1986

Alfred the Great (2M 2W) 2 hrs. Drama

This first tragic-comedy of “The Alfred Trilogy” tells of a prodigal son returned to his New England home, to rekindle old loves and old hates and the memory of unspeakable crimes. 2 hrs. (Smith and Kraus)

Our Father’s Failing (2M 2W) 2 hrs. Drama

2nd play of the trilogy esteemed British critic Martin Esslin called “an American Orestia”. Alfred reunites with his father in an old age home … or is it a lunatic asylum? Funny and profound. (Smith and Kraus)

Alfred Dies (2M 2W) 2 hrs. Drama

Alfred and Emily discover incestuous roots that have caused the tragedy of their marriage, and lives lost together. Enormously theatrical, a profoundly moving final play in “The Alfred Trilogy”. (Smith and Kraus)

Hopscotch (1M 1W) 40 mins. Drama

1st in “The Quannapowitt Quartet”, this short, stunning drama tells the story of a couple reunited after their high-school marriage. The young man ran away, several years earlier, and returns to this small, New England town, today, for the first time. A resounding success, worldwide. (DPS)

The 75th (1M 1W) 45 mins. Comedy

A 75th high school reunion. All classmate are dead, but for Cookie and Amy, the sole survivors/revelers. They didn’t like each other, 75 years ago, but, now they must learn to get along. A warm, loving comedy. (DPS)

Spared (1M) 60 mins. Comedy

A man tries to commit suicide 60 different times. Something always goes wrong. He is always spared. Samuel Beckett wrote to Horovitz “Just read “Spared”. Bravo. Bravissimo! So glad.” (DPS)

Stage Directions (1M 2W) 45 mins. Drama

An extraordinary coup-de-théâtre. Three siblings return from the grave of their parents. Unable to speak in words, they communicate by describing their movements in the room. (DPS)

The Great Labor Day Classic (3M 3W) 20 mins. Comic-drama

A comic-drama that features a road-race, on stage. This stunningly theatrical piece also brought its audience to its feet at Actors Theatre/Louisville’s famed Humana Festival. (DPS)

The Former One-on-One Basketball Champion (2M) 1 hr. Drama

A washed-up basketball pro, on his way to commit suicide, plays a one-on-one game with a little kid in a NYC playground. This postage-stamp drama is a gem. (DPS)

Sunday Runners in the Rain (5M 5W) 2 hrs. Comedy

A resounding success in its production by Joseph Papp at the NY Shakespeare Festival/Public Theatre, this brilliant comedy celebrates long-distance running and fast women. Set in a donut shop, a nor’ester blows through town, stopping a race and causing a small war between men and women. There is a road-race on stage.

Mackerel (1m 3w) 2 hrs. Comedy

This hilarious and biting parable tells of Ed Lemon, who thinks God has told him to go to Gloucester, Massachusetts, to wait for a Big Event. A 250,000-lb mackerel crashes through Ed’s wall. Ed and his family cut up and sell their magic mackerel, and kill half the world’s population. The surviving half of the world comes to seize the Lemons, and to study them. (Published by Talonbooks)

Cappella (3M 3W) 2 hrs. Drama

Written with David Boorstin, this adaptation of Horovitz’s highly-praised novel travels through the centuries to tell the story of a young poet of endless hope, trapped with an old man of endless complaint.

Today, I Am a Fountain Pen (3M 2W) 90 mins. Comic-drama

1st in Horovitz’s “Growing Up Jewish” trilogy. Irving eats forbidden bacon, falls in love with his forbidden baby-sitter, and starts to grow up. Witty and wise, a resounding NYC hit. (DPS)

A Rosen by Any Other Name (3M 2W) 90 mins. Comic-drama

Play #2 of “Growing Up Jewish” trilogy is a comic-drama about a boy who refuses to change his Jewish name, in spite of his father’s demands and fears. Funny, deeply moving. (DPS)

The Chopin Playoffs (5M 3W). )

Play #3 of the “Growing Up Jewish” trilogy. Two boys, two pianos, one girl. NY Times critic wrote of this large, lovely work, “Move over, Star wars, this is a trilogy with dimension!” 90 mins. (DPS)

Israel Horovitz’s Adaptation of Charles Dickens’
A Christmas Carol: Scrooge & Marley (minimum of 10M 6W) 2 hrs. Drama

An extremely faithful rendering of the Dickens classic. Marley is the narrator (“I am Jacob Marley and I am dead!”), speaking Dickens’ prose-narrative as the audience’s tour-guide through the worst night and best day in Scrooge’s life. (DPS)

The Good Parts (3M 3W) 2 hrs. Comedy

This comedy about a tragedy follows a middle-aged NYC businessman to Greece, where he attempts to act on the stage at the Acropolis, to make up a long-incomplete grade from an all-boys high school, where, as a young man, he acted in an ill-fated production of “Electra”. Starred Tony Roberts in NYC premier (DPS)

1968 -1975

Line (4M 1W) 65 min. Comedy

The stage is barren but for a 24” piece of white adhesive tape (glued to the deck) behind which four men and one woman line up and try to out-trick each other to gain 1st place.  Line ran in NYC for 50 years of continuous performance, off Broadway, and has been translated and played in more than 30 languages, worldwide. (DPS)

The Indian Wants the Bronx (3M) 60 mins. Comic Drama

Set in NYC, this terrifying study of the empty escalation of violence has been performed virtually everywhere in the world, and remains, alas, as relevant, today, as it was 50 years ago. This OBIE-winning play introduced two unknowns: Al Pacino and John Cazale. (DPS)

It’s Called the Sugar Plum (1M 1W) 60 mins. Comedy (DPS)

A sweet and chilling seduction on the killing-ground, this one-act comedy tells the story of a student who accidentally kills another student, and his romance with the girl-friend of the deceased. This play introduced Marsha Mason, replaced by unknown Jill Clayburgh. 60 mins. (DPS)

Rats (3 M or W) 35 mins. Comic Drama

Two rats and a baby in a crib in Harlem. A young rat invades the kingdom of an old rat and wages war. As funny as it is frightening. Introduced unknown actor Scott Glenn. (DPS)

Morning (or, Chiaroscuro) (3M 2W + musicians) 60 mins. Comedy

Created for the Horovitz-McNally-Melfi Broadway trilogy “Morning, Noon and Night”, this audacious comedy with music tells of a black family that wakes up one morning to discover they are white. In NYC, this play introduced Robert Klein; and then-unknown actor Gerard Depardieu to French audiences in its Paris premiere. (SF)

Trees (1M 1W plus OPEN) 15 mins.

Written for National Public Television. Three pine trees are confronted by life-threatening problems created by Christmas. (DPS)

Leader (5 roles, M or W) 15 mins.

A robot-like leader of a major nation is finally exposed and attacked by his disillusioned followers. (DPS)

The Honest-to-God Schnozzola (3M 2W+ musicians) 65 mins. Comic-drama

This OBIE-winning comic-drama tells a shocking story of two American businessmen, who unwittingly stumble into a post-war German transvestite bar.

Shooting Gallery (1M 1W + 1 M or W) 35 mins. Comedy

Set in a (closed) carnival shooting-gallery, mid-Winter, a businessman-husband refuses to stop shooting at the strutting bear, until he wins a goldfish for his wife … even though his wife begs him to stop, go home, and see their children. A perfect gem of a play. (DPS)

Dr. Hero (1M + 7 M or W)

The story of a self-proclaimed hero, from cradle to coffin. Q. What goes up that never comes down? A. Your age. This witty, terrifying comedy was a resounding success, off-Broadway, for two seasons. 2 hrs. (DPS)

The Reason We Eat (2M 2W) 2 hrs. Comic-fantasy

Comic fantasy, set in an obesity-prison at a point in history when being fat will be illegal. Features two 600-pounders, their thin guard, and an anorexic beauty who sees herself as hopelessly obese… plus, off-stage attack-poodles. Starred Estelle Parsons in its world premiere.

Play for Germs (2M) 25 mins. Comedy

Written originally for National Public Television, this EMMY-winning short comedy features Aristotle, a young syphilis germ, who wages war on Socrates, an old gonorrhea germ. They fight for control of a woman’s body. Hilarious, informative; starred James Coco and Robert Drivas. (DPS)

Acrobats (1M 1W) 20 mins. Tragic-comedy

This short, tragic-comedy about dependency requires actors who can do acrobatics, or the tango, or any form two-as-one art. A wrong by one move could topple and kill the other. In this midst of their public performance, the man asks the woman for a divorce. (DPS)

The Primary English Class (4M 4W) 90 mins. Comedy

This remarkable tower-of-babble comedy starred Diane Keaton in its triumphant off-Broadway run. An evening in a catastrophic English-language night-class. Nobody in the class speaks the same language. All non-English dialogue is translated over a loudspeaker. Sidesplittingly funny, politically incorrect. (DPS)

Uncle Snake (1M 1 Puppet-Serpent) 20-30 mins.

An independence day pageant, this play was commissioned by the City of New York. It was first seen, outdoors, on Wall Street, on July 4th, during NYC’s massive bi-centennial celebration, by a one-performance-only live audience of 200,000+ people! (DPS)

Man With Bags (10M 6W) 2 hrs. 30 mins. Drama

Adaptation of Ionesco’s chilling l’Homme aux Valises, this plays tells the story of a man’s return to the Iron Curtain country of his birthplace. Frightening, funny, deeply moving. (SF)

Firebird at Dogtown (3M,3W) 90 mins.

A play with music and dance, intermingling a grizzly murder in wooded Downtown with the biography of eccentric billionaire, Roger Babson, who spent much of his childhood in Dogtown.

NOTE: Several of Horovitz’s plays have been published in collections by Smith and Kraus, and by Samuel French, Inc. In France/French language, many of Horovitz’s plays are published by l’Avant-Scéne Thèâtre and Editions Thèâtrales. His memoire Un New-Yorkais á Paris is published by Grasset.

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