Sunday, March 17, 2013.

Man in Snow - Italy.

Tonight is closing night (in Lecce, Italy) for “3 Famiglie”, three short plays of mine being performed by Compagnia Horovitz-Paciotto. These three plays, under Andrea Paciotto’s brilliant direction, have been touring in Italy during most of this season, co-produced by Teatro Stabile, Umbria. The photograph above is an image from Andrea’s production of “Man In Snow”, starring two enormously talented actors — Francesco Bolo Rossini and Rossana Carretto. I wrote “Man in Snow” for BBC-Radio 4 way back in 2000… and I played the lead role opposite Marcia Warren. The BBC production went on to win the Sony Radio Academy Award in 2001. But then the play sort of disappeared. Suddenly, 13 years later, “Man in Snow” has come back to life, first with Andrea’s amazing stage production (you can see a video clip on YouTube) … and a recently-recorded (French) radio production which I co-directed with François Christophe for France Culture, starred the astonishing French star Patrick Chesnais. “Homme dans la neige” will be included in a festival of my plays to be broadcast on France Culture in September, 2013. It amazes me how some plays have their little explosive moment and then, inexplicably, seem to hibernate. But when they wake, it is as if they were never gone. Considering that our planet is some 28 trillion years old, I suppose a play that takes a nap for 10 or 11 years hasn’t really wasted a lot of time… but it is a tad disquieting/confusing when I think I’ve written something that might fly around the world… but it doesn’t… and then it does… I learn very little from this beyond stopping myself from trying to predict how a play of mine will fare in the world … My job is to just keep writing. It turns out that plays, like children, find their own lives.

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